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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

A Registered Training Organisation is an entity which provides training under a recognised and accredited quality framework.

What is Competency Based Training?

Competency based training is the process of training to a standard.

What is an Assessment?

The training package for each competency specifies the conditions, methods and types of assessments required to achieve success for each unit. Assessment is the process of collecting evidence, comparing this evidence against the training package standard and judging the achieved competency.

What are ‘Hours of Training’?

Each unit of competency has a number of hours assigned which indicates the amount of training time required to achieve competence. Training may take more or less time than the prescribed hours.

What type of vehicles will be used i.e gearbox configuration?

Freightliner, Ford Louisville and Isuzu Giga 18 speed Road Ranger gearbox non syncro, Mitsubishi Dual Cab 5 speed synchromesh.

What licence does the client need?

Information is located in our Student Handbook.

Will it help the client obtain employment?

It will give the client a very good opportunity to gain employment in the Transport and Mining industries and primary production as well as logistics.

How do I find out about my training records?

Contact our Administration staff.

Do I need a USI number and where do I get it? Yes you need a USI (Unique Student Identifier) number and you can obtain it by clicking here